A Late Thanksgiving Treat, the (second) Royal Wedding

Autumn in New York? No, rather in Windsor. Yesterday morning HRH Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank tied the knot at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. A rather private affair that did not televise the whole ceremony, but let the public enjoy some glimpses of the royal festive occasion.

by Sebastiano Bazzichetto

WINDSOR  – A new day dawned over sleepy Windsor, a little urban centre that woke up to another princely business (the second and last of the year) yesterday morning: the nuptials of HRH Princess Eugenie of York and her beloved Jack Brooksbank. The excitement of the people hastened to admire the pageantry of the procession was only comparable to the strong wind that beat on the quiet market town in the Berkshire, and the doomed fascinators worn by the gentle sex.

What did go well, what was unmissable, and what was conspicuously lamentable?

Please, read below. 

HRH’s dress

All in all, Eugenie opted for a pretty traditional dress, with a V neckline, an interesting pattern for the fabric, everything designed by Peter Pilotto, based in  East London. A grand long train completed the gown, but no veil for a real princess (by birth and blood) who wisely decided not to defy the Windsor winds, and to proudly show her scars. As one can read in a statement on the royal family’s website: “During several fittings, the dress was developed layer by layer, constructing it from the corset and the complex underskirt to the fitted bodice and full pleated skirt […] The dress features a neckline that folds around the shoulders to a low back that drapes into a flowing full length train. The low back feature on the dress was at the specific request of Princess Eugenie who had surgery aged 12 to correct scoliosis”.


HRH’s tiara

To adorn her royal head, Eugenie wore platinum, sparkling greens and diamonds, donning the beautiful Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara, in the bandeau style, which exquisitely framed her face. A tasteful policy of no bracelets, necklaces or gaudy earrings enhanced her natural beauty.


The Brooksbank’s outfit

No military uniform for this British handsome chap. Jack decided to wear a traditional morning coat with matte lapels – a refined retro touch to the ensemble –, also sporting a royal blue waistcoat, a blue thistle and a notable family ring. Undeniably adorable it was to see him wear his spectacles to admire his future wife walking down the aisle, eventually handing them to his brother, the best man.

the groom


One of the most elegant ingredients in this celebration were the flowers: a stylish, heart-warming visual hymn to this season. The floral arrangement was a magnificent display of Autumnal colours, brimming with roses, beautiful alkekengis (or Chinese lanterns), dahlias, hydrangeas and berries; a marvelous palette of dark greens, golden browns and baked yellows.


The best dressed

The guest list boasted more and less glamorous names. If, on the one hand, the gentlemen mainly opted for a morning coat, on the other, the ladies could showcase some more elaborated frocks and colours.
Without doubt, the best dressed were Princess Michael of Kent, Her Majesty the Queen, the Countess of Wessex, a trio of unnamed young guests, Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece and her daughter Olympia, Naomi Campbell, Pippa Middleton embracing her belly, and the bride’s mother, the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson. Both Pippa and Sarah wore green, the latter completing her outfit with a stylish hat and bow.
countess of wessex and trio

A Smiley Trio, the Merry Wives of Windsor


Flowing dresses for these unnamed guests

Les Merveilleuses 

Brushing up the term coined for the post-French Revolution fashionable, exotic crowd, at every wedding there is someone who goes a little bit too far: too high, too low, too many accessories, too many sources of inspiration or historical references. This time, Cara Delevingne showed up in a frock that resembled that of a broncobuster, more of a Halloween costume than a wedding outfit. It would have been more interesting without that hideous top hat, and better off with an eclectic fascinator. Poppy Delevingne topped her multi-patterned mise with blue feathers on her hat: definitely too high, resembling the neck of a peacock, waving like palm trees in the wind. Finally, too many dots were literally spotted on Kate (Moss).
A big no for…
Tracey Emin. We can forgive and forget everything, but this lack of style is unforgivable and unforgettable. Pull down that waistcoat, or up the trousers!
Tracey Emin
Dulcis in fundo

Towering in ivory white, orange leaves and ivy, the cake chosen by the bride and the groom was a five-tier delicacy: two of the tiers were chocolate sponge and the other three red velvet.
The numbers: the cake required 400 eggs, 53 packs of butter, 15kg of self-raising flour and 20kg of sugar. It was designed and made by Ms Cabot, met by the couple in early July.

And now, we cannot but sit back and wait for the next royal event!

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